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Newspapers based in what is now
Ottawa County, Oklahoma
Compiled by OCGS
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Newspaper notes:

Various newspapers of differing years  have been microfilmed through OHS and available there and NEO.

Various newspapers and newsletters of differing years from institutions in: Afton Public, Commerce Public, Miami (various public and Northeastern OK A&M), Picher Public (-2009), Wyandotte Public (-current)

The use of ? means the date is probably not the beginning/end of full publication, but earliest/latest date found in reference material.

Further Notes - Non-Newspaper Periodicals - Books & Thesis - Sources


Afton Advance. Afton, IT/Oklahoma: 1894?-1898?. Print.

Afton Climax. Afton, IT/Oklahoma: 1895-1907?. Print.

Afton Democrat. Afton, Oklahoma: 1908?-1909?. Print.

Afton Enterprise. Afton, Oklahoma: Print.

Afton Meteor. Afton, IT/Oklahoma: 1905?. Print.

Afton News. Afton, IT/Oklahoma: 1892-1895?. Print.

Afton Pioneer. Afton, IT/Oklahoma: 1902-1903. Print. Precursor to Meteor

Afton Weekly Herald. Afton, IT/Oklahoma: 1894?. Print.

(The) (Afton/Fairland/Daily) American. Afton, Fairland and Vinita, Oklahoma: 1909?-current. Print. Google Archive of November, 2005-April, 2009 (Partial) and from Small Town Papers, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012.

Anti-Hijacker. Picher/Tar-River, Oklahoma: 1918. Print.

Bear Facts (WHS): Wyandotte, Oklahoma: Print.

(The) Bee. Fairland, Oklahoma: Print.

Chat Pile. Picher, Oklahoma: 1931?. Print.

Commerce News Post. 1947?-1949?. Print. see Oklahoma Free Lance

(The) Commerce, Oklahoma News. 1914?-1916?. Print.

(The) Oklahoma Free Lance and Commerce News-Post. 1940?-1947?. Print.

Crier. Afton, Oklahoma: 1916?. Print.

Fairland News. Fairland, IT/Oklahoma: 1892-1913 (intermittent). Print. Some issues.

Fairland Newsboy. Fairland, IT/Oklahoma: 1904?-1905?. Print.

Fairland Herald. Fairland, Oklahoma: 1908?-1913. Print. Some issues.

Fairland News-Herald. Fairland, Oklahoma: 1913-1917. Print. Some issues.

Gyah Wishatak Ia. Wyandotte, Oklahoma: 1911 (Not to be confused with current Tribal publication). Print.

(The) Hallequah (Times). Wyandotte Mission School, Indian Territory: December 1879-1881?. Print.

(The) Herald. Miami, Indian Territory: 1895?. Print.

Indian Moccasin. Afton, IT/Oklahoma: 1893. Print.


Indian Methodist. Wyandotte, IT/Oklahoma: 1900. Print.

(Daily) King Jack (Tribune: 1932). Commerce, Picher, and Tar River, Oklahoma: 1915-1928?. Print.

Miami Chief. Miami, IT/Oklahoma: 1895 in the American newspaper annual. Print.

Miami (Daily) Enterprise/The Live Wire. Miami, Oklahoma: 1910?-1915?. Print.

Miami News Press. Miami, Oklahoma: 2008?. Print.

Miami Daily Record Herald (1905-1923)/Miami News Record (1928?-Current)/Miami (District) Daily News (Tri-State District/Record). 1928?. Print. Some issues

Miami Republican. Miami, IT/Oklahoma: 1904?-1906?. Print

Native American Times. ?-current. Print. Online Archive Link

Norse Wind. NEO/Miami, Oklahoma:  1947?-present. Print.

Now. Afton, Oklahoma: 1913. Print.

Oklahoma Indian Times. Afton, IT/Oklahoma: 1989-1998?. Print. see Native American Times

Oklahoma Free Lance & Commerce News-Post: 1947?. Print.

Oklahoma Republican. Miami, Oklahoma:  1916?-1920?. Print.

Ottawa County Courier. Wyandotte, IT/Oklahoma: 1906-1912. Print.

Ottawa County Beacon. Miami and Quapaw, Oklahoma: 1908?-1949?. Print. see Chieftain

Picher King Jack. Picher-Tar River, Oklahoma: 1928?-1932?. Print.


Picher Register. Picher-Tar River, Oklahoma: 1928. Print. 

Picher Tri-State Tribune. Oklahoma: 1932 – 1963 & 1998 - 2003. Print.

(The) Quapaw Chieftain. Quapaw, Oklahoma: 1926-1946. Print. see Beacon

Quapaw Mining Herald. Quapaw, Oklahoma: 1917-1919?. Print.

Quapaw World. Quapaw, Oklahoma: 1917?-1918?. Print.

(The) Reflex. Fairland, IT/Oklahoma: 1894. Print.

(The) Rounder. Tar River (became Cardin): 1918?. Print.

Tar River (became Cardin) Advocate: 1917?. Print.

Tri-State Tribune. Picher, Oklahoma: 1934?-2009?. Print.

Weekly Herald. Miami, IT/Oklahoma: ?-1901?. Print. see Miami Herald

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